These are just a small sample of some of Dr. Adam’s reviews from Google…

Dr. Friedman is the best. He has kept this 60-year old man playing basketball and tennis for over two years without pain. He has me feeling like I’m in my 30s. Plus he’s just a great guy.


To be blatantly honest, I wasn’t to fond of chiropractic care until I met Dr. Friedman. He is methodical in his approach and both well informs and educates his patients on what he’s doing, which certainly put me at ease. Not to mention, he has an impeccable bed side manner. Additionally, he’s up to date on nutritional supplementation and is well-versed on how one can achieve optimal health. Since, becoming a patient of Dr. Friedman’s my view on chiropractic care has made a 180 and I can’t imagine my life without it now. If you’re looking for a doctor who not only listens to his patients complaints/concerns, has a fine precision to detail, as well as extremely educated and informed about his craft, Dr. Friedman is the right doctor for you!


I have been suffering for years with lower back and neck pain. After trying many different things I was seen by Dr. Friedman. He was able to diagnose my muscle and joint issues. Over the course of 3-4 weeks Dr Friedman used a very targeted and repetitious treatment and I can honestly say I haven’t felt better in 10 years. He, his staff and partners are truly a full service Wellness Center and I recommend them to all.


I went to Dr. Adam due to lower back pain that was causing sleeping issues and numbness in my hand caused by a pinched nerve. After the first visit the pain in my lower back was much better and I was able to sleep again. I am also no longer experiencing numbness in my hand. I have been seeing Dr. Adam regularly and my pain levels have greatly diminished. Besides being a great chiropractor Dr. Adam has a wonderful bedside manner and is very attentive to his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Adam!