Insurance Covers your Chiropractor’s Treatment

We have good news for you! Insurance covers your chiropractor’s treatment in many instances and we would be glad to verify this for you so you can start treatment as soon as possible. All you have to do is give us a call and supply us with the necessary policy information and we will do the rest. This is the easiest way.

If you would rather do the leg work you can also find out if your health insurance covers visits and treatments with your chiropractor by taking a look at your policy or looking online at the insurance company’s web portal. And if reviewing your policy or the web portal doesn’t answer your questions,¬† your best bet is to pick up the phone and call the insurer, or send an email or start an online chat.

No matter which option you choose, ask specific questions about your policy and how much coverage you have. In many instances you will have coverage for your treatments and you can get the proper care you deserve.

Below is a list of insurance providers that we have been able to get reimbursement from:

If you do not see your insurance provider on this list do not fret. Call us. We will call and find out for you.

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Dr. Adam J. Friedman