Piriformis Syndrome – What is it and How to treat it…


Right SMACK DAB in the fat of the buttocks is a pesky muscle that goes by PIRIFORMIS…

It stretches from your pelvis to the upper part of the thigh bone…It’s actually mistaken a lot for other, more prominent muscles in the region….IT’S SNEAKY… BUT it serves a really important function: outward rotation of the leg.

Tightness and any other abnormality in this muscle can be EXTREMELY Painful …and will greatly restrict movement.

Now, we really don’t consider the piriformis muscle a “glamour” muscle, so it’s not often you here someone in the gym say, “Yeah, I’m working my piriformis today.” It just doesn’t happen. This is EXACTLY why piriformis syndrome can develop the muscle isn’t always as strong As it needs to be..
FORTUNATELY, with the help of a chiropractor, together we can help to improve the strength of your piriformis and reduce symptoms associated with piriformis syndrome.

BOTTOM LINE…Tightening muscles restrict mobility and create frailty through tension, which often times will lead to injury. The piriformis muscle is NO DIFFERENT.

What REALLY makes this muscle such a pain in the a**  is that as an ADDED RESULT the SCIATIC nerve also becomes irritated. This sucker extends all the way down the leg, which means you’ll be in far MUCH MORE than just localized tenderness. TRUE SCIATICA is super painful and you want to avoid it AT ALL COSTS….

The pain is unimaginably bad….

Remember, the body as a whole is made up of a bunch of interrelated moving parts…For that reason, you may find that I work on other parts of your lower back and pelvis that may not appear to have a connection but actually play an integral role in helping the piriformis muscle to relax and allow it to ultimately heal more naturally.

If you’re suffering with Piriformis Syndrome let us help. We are confident that we can help you overcome this condition quickly and effectively with our proven methods of treatment.

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Dr. Adam J. Friedman