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Tips for Working at Home and Keeping your Neck Pain Free Margate Florida
WORKING FROM HOME ?? I’m a Chiropractor and THIS is How to Have Good POSTURE When Working From Home ?

By Dr. Adam J. Friedman, Your Margate / Coconut Creek Chiropractor – More and more of the people I’m seeing today are being forced to work from home during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The work itself is probably pretty much the same as before, but your work SETUP is probably pretty different.

Working from home tends to create more postural issues that can ultimately lead to pain and chronic health problems. I make it a point to tell my patients that are working from home to be mindful of their setup with the MAIN GOAL of eliminating forward hunching, because literally everyone’s curled over a laptop, and that tends to get worse when working from home.


✔️ PUT YOUR LAPTOP AT EYE LEVEL: In order to keep your neck and shoulders as upright as possible, it’s crucial to place your laptop or your iPad, or your computer screen in a position that’s at eye level. DON’T LOOK DOWN…..Make it a point to look up for 30 seconds every 15 minutes!

✔️ HAVE YOUR FEET FLAT ON THE GOUND: It’s key to keep your feet flat on the ground, not dangling! You’re more stable if your feet are on the ground. When your feet are not on the ground, that can negatively impact the natural curve in your lower back, which inevitably will lead to pain.

✔️ FIND A STRAIGHT-BACKED CHAIR: Working rom your couch or bed, is basically the worst thing you can do for your posture, inevitably your head will always fall into that rounded shoulder position, which leads to a cascade of problems.

✔️ SET YOUR ARMS AT 90-DEGREES: Make sure that your elbows are bent at 90 degrees for your hands to effectively reach the keyboard. You don’t want your arms raised too high. If your laptop is elevated on platform, this can get tricky. Maybe add a separate keyboard if your laptop is too high to reach.

GET UP, MOVE AROUND….Don’t sit for long stretches at a time. Remember, A BODY IN MOTION…STAYS IN MOTION….The body doesn’t like to be sedentary….Make a concerted effort to get up and MOVE….

This is Dr. Adam, your Personal Injury Chiropractor in Margate, Florida

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