X-Ray Before and After Chiropractic Care

Before and After X rays show improvement of spinal curve with chiropractic care
@dylantherealtor presented to us with long standing neck and back pain from both modern day living and a history of sports injuries.
X-rays on the left demonstrate a significant loss of the ideal spinal curves, both in the neck and the lower back. A normal, healthy human spine is made up of THREE DISTINCT CURVES that allow nerve energy to flow UNINTERRUPTED front the brain into the limbs and organs.
These curves also act as shock absorbers, providing both balance and support for the body.
After consulting with and examining the patient, we were able to devise a specific plan that will allow this patient to make REAL, SIGNIFICANT CHANGES TO THE UNDERLYING CAUSE OF HIS PROBLEM. Both his cervical and lumbar curves have been significantly improved; they aren’t perfect yet, but WOW what an amazing transformation!!
@dylantherealtor, despite his responsibilities as a successful local realtor, husband, and father made the commitment to his own health and has done such an AMAZING JOB in his journey back to HEALTH! Like ALL OF US, Dylan has had his share of physical traumas, emotional and physical stress, and chemical imbalances; ALL OF WHICH can drastically change the alignment of your spine, ultimately leading to pain, disability, and chronic disease.
If you notice your posture failing, it’s a sign of a bigger problem than you think!!
GET YOUR SPINE CHECKED TODAY. I will not only educate you on the process, but I will help you achieve REAL, OBJECTIVE RESULTS!
Get Healthy, STAY HEALTHY!!
Dr. Adam J. Friedman